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having or expressing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting my page!

You are here because we both have something in common…a passion and love for makeup, beauty & nails! I hope I can share some of my passion with you. I have grown up always loving the art of makeup, and what it can do to enhance your natural beauty. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone should be able to express themselves as they please! I found my passion for everything beauty related at a young age. I am obsessed with beauty products, and I can never buy enough lipstick! I am here to share with you, and hopefully inspire and motivate you to be the best woman you can be. Always believe in yourself and never be afraid to flaunt it! Be confident and walk with purpose! I have recently found my love for nails. I always was the girl who had my nails done no matter what. I recently began teaching myself how to do my own acrylic nails and before I knew it, I had practically my own nail salon in the comfort of my own home! I am following my dreams and want to help anyone and everyone along the way, with reaching their beauty goals. Whether you need makeup advice or just some beauty inspiration, this blog is for you! I hope you enjoy!




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