Monday Motivation!


H A P P Y   M O N D A Y,   D O L L S!

Simple minded people say “Monday’s SUCK!”

The Go-Getters say “BRING IT, MONDAY!”

Be a GO-GETTER! Instead of dreading Mondays… use them as an opportunity to start fresh. A new day, a new week. New goals , new aspirations! Every Sunday think of your short term goals for the upcoming week… and by the weekend, make sure you completed at least 75% of all your short-term goals. By accomplishing task by task… you will see great improvements. Like they say… “Strive for PROGRESS, not for PERFECTION”

If you are making the conscious effort to do better, you will do just that. Start each day fresh, with a positive mind and a positive outlook. It will take you a long way! Instead of saying how you hate Mondays… start thinking of reason to LOVE Mondays. (sounds weird, right?) But it is all in your mindset! Spread POSITIVITY & PRODUCTIVITY.

What are your short term goals for this week? Here are some of mine:

  • Start my Youtube Channel – make,edit & post at least one video
  • Post content on my blog every day
  • Create make-up profile template
  • Do my laundry (LOL)
  • Make a blog-post schedule
  • Create a social media marketing plan

Make sure that your short-term goals are attainable and can be accomplished! Do not set goals that are too out of reach! The goal is to accomplish at least 75% of all short term goals you set for yourself. Making them too difficult will not allow you to be successful at that. Always remember: QUALITY over QUANTITY.  It is better to complete a task thoroughly, rather than complete 10 tasks not so thorough.

Make this week a great week! Wake up every day with determination & go to sleep every night with satisfaction.

I want to hear what some of your short-term goals are for this week? Share below! 😉


jaunty & flaunty




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