Never be afraid to Sparkle a little brighter!




Nail polish speaks louder than words… MAKE A STATEMENT! Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter! These are my favorite nails I have done so far because how FLAUNTY they are!


These nails are made using all gel products by MIA SECRET. I first prepped the nail, put the tips on… and used CLEAR BUILDER GEL (FORMAGEL) to harden the nails.


Then, I poured loose silver glitter all over my nails, before I cured the gel builder. After they cured, I put a top coat and let it cure once more. These nails are so glamorous and they POP!


I love using MIA SECRET products. After experimenting with many other brands, I have enjoyed the quality of their products. Visit the website to view all products! Click Here.

I will post pictures of all products used for these nails below so you can also get this look! But if you’re in LA… Book a nail appointment with me to get your SHINE ON!




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